Отрывок: There exists a set of small areas giving a boost to local burning process. These areas configure clusters with very irregular structure and could be described by fractal dimension D . So in some cases inflaming frontier should pass a very long path in between different areas with very different properties. Computer simulation shows that flame propagation time from one point to a...
Название : Percolation model of combustion
Авторы/Редакторы : Rybakov, D.
Lamazhapov, Kh.
Дата публикации : 2018
Издательство : Publishing OOO “Insoma-Press”
Библиографическое описание : Rybakov D. Percolation model of combustion / D. Rybakov, Kh. Lamazhapov // International Conference on Combustion Physics and Chemistry // (Samara, Russia, 24-28 July): proceeding of the conference / Samara University; Edited by A.M. Mebel and V.N. Azyazov – Samara: Publishing OOO “Insoma-Press”, 2018 – p. 100
URI (Унифицированный идентификатор ресурса) : http://repo.ssau.ru/handle/International-Conference-on-Combustion-Physics-and-Chemistry/Percolation-model-of-combustion-71373
ISBN : 978-5-4317-0298-3
Другие идентификаторы : Dspace\SGAU\20180813\71373
Располагается в коллекциях: International Conference on Combustion Physics and Chemistry

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