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This collection presents the program and abstracts of presentations at the International Conference on Combustion Physics and Chemistry (ComPhysChem’18) held at Samara National Research University on Jul. 24-27, 2018. The presentations covered a broad range of fundamental and applied areas in combustion physics and chemistry including fundamental physical-chemical processes, quantum chemical studies of potential energy surfaces of chemical reactions in flames, kinetics and dynamics of elementary processes, mathematical modeling of processes in combustion, laser and optical diagnostics, chemical, plasma, and laser initiation of combustion, flame structure, formation and destruction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), soot, graphene, and carbonaceous nanoparticles, chromatography and measurement methods, and ecological issues related to combustion. The Conference was supported by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (Grant No. 18-03-20026) and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Grant No. 14.Y26.31.0020). Intended for graduate students in the areas of physical chemistry, chemical physics, combustion science and technology, and for researchers and university professors.

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Год издания Название Автор(ы) Экспорт
2018Auto-ignition problem titanium of oxygen and possible ways of solvingBolobov, V.I.
2018Modelling of small gas turbine engine CO emissions based on reactor networkZubrilin, I.A; Matveev, S.G.; Marrone, A.; Pastrone, D.M.
2018Plasma vortex reactor for production of heat energy and hydrogenKlimov, A.I.; Kurushina, S.E.; Molevich, N.E.; Porfiriev, D.P.; Zavershinskii, I.P.
2018Application of ARAS and MRAS methods to study the kinetics of CF2 radical formation in pyrolysis of C3F7IEmelianov, A.V.; Eremin, A.V.; Yatsenko, P.I.
2018Mathematical modeling of burning surface in parallel flow of oxidantTyurenkova, V.V.; Smirnov, N.N.; Smirnova, M.N.
2018The impact of non-stationary electric field on homogeneous hydrocarbon flamesTretyakov, P.K.; Tupikin, A.V.
2018Ozone recovery in the presence of COTorbin, A.P.; Pershin, A.A.; Azyazov, V.N.
2018Measurements of rate constants for O2(b1sigma) quenching by CH4, NO, N2O at temperatures of 300−800 KTolstov, G.I.; Zagidullin, M.V.; Khvatov, N.A.; Mebel, A.M.; Azyazov, V.N.
20182D modeling of V-shaped turbulent methane-air flameKozlov, V.E.; Titova, N.S.
2018Mechanism of Methyl Methacrylate Polymerization in the presence of the initiating system "azobisisobutyronitrile-ferrocene"Sultanova, A.A.; Yanborisov, V.M.
2018Study of a dielectric barrier discharge burner for plasma assisted combustionSludnova, A.A.; Mironov, N.S.; Mikheyev, P.A.
2018Quantum chemical study of the reactions of H2 and H2O molecules with N2(A3Σu+)Sharipov, A.S.; Pelevkin, A.V.
2018Rate constants calculations of the CH2 + CH2CO reactions in triplet and singlet states by ab initio methodsSavchenkova, A.S.; Semenikhin, A.S.; Chechet, I.V.; Matveev, S.G.; Konnov, A.A.; Mebel, A.M.
2018Ab initio study of magnesium surface oxidationSaleev, V.A.; Shipilova, A.V.
2018Percolation model of combustionRybakov, D.; Lamazhapov, Kh.
2018Kinetics of the 1-acenaphthyl + O2 Reaction: A Theoretical StudyPorfiriev, Denis P.; Azyazov, Valeriy N.; Mebel, Alexander M.
2018Modeling of the formation of ultrafine particles as coals burningPetrov, Leonid V.; Kortsenshteyn, Naum M.
2018Ozone recovery in the presence of nitrous oxidesPershin, A.A.; Torbin, A.P.; Azyazov, V.N.
2018The reaction of 2-naphthyl with 1,3-butadiene: a theoretical studyOleinikov, A.D.; Azyazov, V.N.; Mebel, A.M.
2018Environmental advantages of composite fuels based on industrial wastes and different ranks of coalNyashina, Galina
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Дата сохранения по убыванию ): 1 по 20 из 95