Отрывок: n phrases perform more or less elaborate structure: NP → (A)N(PP)(PP) (less than half of one percent of car accidents) NP → N(S) (people who object to seatbelts) NP → (Det)N(PP) (a driver without a seatbelt) APs are rather few in number (4 examples in the first text) and are characterized by anapproximately similar structure (are compulsory for the driver and front seat passengers; is 276 better to remain inside a car in the case of a crash; am not allowed to do this; is more likely...
Название : Texts of BSE in English as a subject of linguistic research
Авторы/Редакторы : Varlamova, E.
Ключевые слова : readability
distributional pattern
Basic (Russian) State Exam in English
Дата публикации : 2018
Издательство : Издательство Самарского университета
Библиографическое описание : Varlamova E. Texts of BSE in English as a subject of linguistic research / E. Varlamova // Иноязычное образование в поликультурной среде: материалы и доклады XXIV научно-практической конференции Национальной ассоциации преподавателей английского языка (NATE 2018) (Самара, 18-20 апреля 2018 г.) / м-во образования и науки рос. Федерации, Самар. нац. исслед. ун-т им. С. П. Королева (Самар. ун-т) ; отв. ред. В.В. Левченко – Самара: Изд-во Самарского университета, 2018. – С. 273-278.
Аннотация : The purpose of this study is to determine whether readability is affected by manipulating the structure of verb phrases (VPs) in reading material created for Basic State Exam. Having analyzed the structure of the VPs (Verb Phrases) in the texts of Basic State Exam, we distinguished the common distributional models, which are characterized, as a rule, by a great number of words and complex structure. We produced an alternative variant of the text, reducing the number of words within the VPs and simplifying the structure, preparing this way the material for experimental testing of junior students of Kazan Federal University.
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ISSN : 978-5-7883-1218-7
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