Отрывок: At the Equator a minute of arc is the same in the north-south direction as in the east-west direction. How many meters it such a minute of arc. In north -south direction a second of arc is nearly constant (the flattening of the ellipsoid has some effect). However, a second of arc in east-west direction changes with latitude. How is this law? 6. At any point on the Surface of the Earth we have the following equation h = H + N where h is the distance from the ellip...
Название : Datum and geoid and reference frames
Авторы/Редакторы : Belokonov, I.
Дата публикации : 2014
Издательство : Самарский университет
Аннотация : The purpose is to give the students knowledge of coordinate systems and units used in computations for GPS and to introduce the student to basics of physical geodesy with due respect to GPS applications. A number of coordinate systems are used in GPS system and GPS applications. The student should know the fundamental coordinate systems, coordinate frames and units used in GPS. GPS applications require knowledge on the separation of ellipsoid and geoid.
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